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Your Privacy is our utmost priority!

It is a great honor for us that you have chosen our platform to help you for writing your Dissertation/Thesis. We take it is as a great opportunity to come across and interact with students from different parts of UK with varying education background and different stories. And this is why we enjoy our relationship with our customers and value it equally. We believe in treating each our customer fairly and put our best to the table in order to provide a varied and an excellent experience to each of you. When a customer approaches us and honors us with the chance to render our professional academic writing services to them, we make sure that they receive a completely overwhelming experience from us.

Our services are highly customer-centric and while on our venture to provide quality and high standard experience to our clients, we give special attention in keeping the privacy protection our utmost priority. The details of the clients who we work with are completely secure with us and fully intact. We believe our customers deserve the right to have their confidentiality kept safe. We do not sell or disclose any piece of our client’s information to any third party.

Internet is a highly sensitive space, Keeping any information save from being violated can be a difficult task. This is why people often hesitate to make inline purchases of products and services because they despise the thought of getting their information leaked and constantly fear it. However, if the source from where the purchases are made is a credible source, then there is nothing to worry about.

Dissertation Advisors is a fortunate online platform where credibility and authenticity is guaranteed. We believe in the protection of privacy and exercise the same in our business practices. At the Dissertation Advisors, privacy is considered as a treasure that is concealed and kept inside an inaccessible golden box the key to this box is given to the client himself, who decides who he or she wants to share their information with. (We do not sell information to an outsider, not even to people within the company except those who are concerned. This includes the customer representative, the writer and the Research and Development team. The extent of the information shared and the reason behind the sharing of information is discussed below in the protocol)

In order to sustain your valued trust, we have generated a scheme for protecting your privacy that works effectively and efficiently. Our team strictly follows the protocol set up for the privacy of your data and maintains the effectiveness of our rules.

When our clients make their order, we develop a relationship of trust with them. They forward the ownership of their work to us and we regard it as our responsibility to make sure their privacy is safeguarded to the maximum of our capability. (Please read the entire Privacy Protocol before signing the request form to avoid any misunderstanding. This protocol has been developed for the customers to know that their information is under the safe hands)

Here is how the protocol works.

We follow strict work ethics

At Dissertation Advisors, there is a strict policy to keep the details of the clients only kept to the representative who receives the order, the writer, and the Research & Development team. This enables our writer to have a better understanding of the requirements and also it becomes easier for them to communicate with you throughout. According to our work policy, we do not share the information to any other person even within the company except the writer, customer representative and the R&D department. It is just the writer and the Research and Development team that utilizes the information. The representative collects your information initially to process your request and then send your information further to the writer who gets the responsibility to manage your project. The writer makes only a legitimate use of your information and refrains from sharing it forward to anyone. Except the writer, the representative sends your information to the Research and development team as well only for further research. The R&D department uses this information in the most ethical way and makes more researches to raise the quality of our standards. In addition to this, the R&D department also utilizes the information for promotional purposes.

We only require your basic personal information:

To eradicate any risk of misuse/ disclosure/ violation or mistreatment of your personal information, we require only the most basic information from our clients. We require your name, email address, and your contact details to begin processing your work. This is required when you fill the request form before the communication. This information is strictly kept within and used for the research purpose. We pledge right from the beginning that we do not use your information for any unauthorized use nor sell it to any third party. All the information is strictly used for communication and promotional purposes.

Information through Cookies

At Dissertation Advisors, we collect information of the visitors of our website through Cookies. However, this information is also treated as highly confidential. The reason behind collection of information through Cookies is solely the fact that we want to further make our services more customer centric and mainly tailored to their requirements by checking their locations through their IP addresses. Students belonging to different cities often demand a particular type of work and this is majorly to address the same. Conversely if you want to keep this information protected from us, you can disable this setting from your browser and turn it off. However, this will make some of our content, and information on our website, inaccessible to you. And this may make some of the services unavailable to you. We collect your information to make the entire journey more enticing and easier for our customers and ourselves. Our procedure to collect information is bound with unique identifiers that fetch information from the browser that you are using through your laptop/ computer/ phone or any device you are using. In addition to this, we receive your information when you sign up for our services or make any query. For example, prospects often email us to know more about us, our services, new promotions and features. This requires them to put in their initial information for the starters.

Your Financial Information is safe with us

When we say we guarantee protection of our information, we make sure it is safe and only used for research purpose, we make sure that we follow our protocols to maintain the security strictly. People often hesitate sharing their financial information while making any purchase online. And this serves as a major reason behind overthinking and being concerned before hitting the order button. But we guarantee that your financial information is secured with us. Once the transaction is completed, we erase all your financial information from our records to remove any chance of mishap. We guarantee there will be no occurrence of online phishing, scam and any case of stolen identity.

We use data for establishing better services

Dissertation Advisors specializes in creating quality thesis and dissertation with a team of professional writers who put their own intelligence and couple it up with research to generate content that speaks of quality. We believe that a work which is done with an end goal in mind to make it a masterpiece, actually turns out to be a piece of an art. And in our attempt to do so, we keep our customers in full confidence gaining their trust and building a relationship of prosperity. However, our struggle for making the experience even better with each step we take never ends. We continue striving to make our services more enhanced and enriched. We work day and night to establish new policies to make our customers feel proud of our work and keep reaching to us by enhancing our services.

To be able to work with the best of our capability in order to raise quality and standards like never before, we use the data of our customers. The data is used to establish services in terms of quality and time.

We utilize the information shared with us to communicate with you

With the information we collect (your name, email address and contact details), it becomes easier for us to interact and communicate with you easily and conveniently. The communication between the writer and the clients are initially through emails and later on if the client wants to meet with the writer for an in depth understanding of the status of their work, we arrange a meeting between both the parties. However, past the submission of the thesis/ dissertation before the deadline, we communicate with the client for further promotion or an update in our service through emails and the information provided to us. We use it to announce our upcoming update, changes and improvements to the services we render.
If you have any further queries about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us.

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