What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Black Friday

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What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the supreme anticipated sales of the year. Many people wait for Black Friday as it gives substantial price slashes on items. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving day. Mostly it is on the fourth Friday of November. The culture of black Friday started in 1952 but wasn’t widely famous then. In recent years it has multiplied its fame. The main reason why black Friday is loved by so many people that people are looking for sales in the Christmas areas. We already know almost everything about the black Friday. But there are somethings that the government doesn’t want you to know about black Friday. If you want to savor the Christmas season but have a dissertation on hand. Then hire a Dissertation Writers to do your work.

Fake certification

We often buy an item on Black Friday, but the thing just stops working after some days. During the Christmas holiday session, the quality certifications on items are lowered, so almost all the products are accepted. The government totally agrees with this and allows the shopping outlet to get through the month. In some areas, no certification is required. You can clearly observe this as the quality of plastic, Life of item and finish of the product varies product from the product. You can do a small experiment to check it. Just buy a thing June – July month and save the item. Now buy the same item in the black Friday sale. You will clearly see a difference in them.

You can get hurt.

An incident has been reported about an employee of Walmart who lost his life on black Friday. The employ was stampede by the massive crowd of black Friday. The employee of the various store have to open the store door, and while they open them, people rush in the store accidentally hurting the employee. Another case at target was also registered were several people trampled upon a shopper, and the poor man died. According to reports of different hospitals, the number of injuries like bruises, sprained ankles, broken bone and concussion are doubled on the Black Friday. The government has passed specific regulations relating the black Friday safety such are starting the line way back from the door and removing items that can be used as battering rams. In the freezing temperature, people can do anything to go home quicker while scoring the best deal.

Shopping rage isn’t worth it

We all have encountered the annoying traffic and rude drivers that just make us go in road rage. Imagine these scenarios but without cars and only human in a shopping mall. You will clear imagine crowded stores and long lines that turn regular people into chilling lunatics. Just throw a good deal as a topping and we are sure that someone will get hurt. You have often seen a freaking mob scene or fights during the black Friday. These rages can happen throughout the year but the chances of increase around the holidays. It might be because of the specific stress or due to the crowd of the holiday session. A case reported the last year 2018 that two-man got into a fight over a TV and one killed the other guy to get the deal. He got the deal of ending in jail for life.

Cyber Monday’s better

People don’t want to miss the juicy deals of the Christmas season. To reduce the number of people on black Friday, companies started cyber Monday. Cyber Monday happens on the upcoming Monday after thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is not a mess like Black Friday, and people are more civilized in this sale. People don’t have to wait in long lines and camp near the store to get the best discount. The buyer can opt to buy at home with internet access to sales. Cyber Monday is currently less renowned than black Friday. The government doesn’t want you to be acquainted with cyber Monday. Many deals from black Fridays are also available at cyber Monday. Some stores extend their black Friday sales to Monday or even so on.

Retail workers lose their Thanksgiving

You might see that the store employee might be thankful for the extra salary they get in the thanksgiving season but actually don’t. Many employees even of the famous store, don’t get a pay raise in the thanksgiving month. Some employees also have to work extra hours. They have to give spare time as they want to save their jobs. Employees have to start their work in the midnight to work through the Black Friday day. Some stores even take the leisure time of the holidays from the employees. Many people have also requested the government to impose a time limit on the Black Friday sale. But the government doesn’t listen to them as they can secret more sales tax in the black Friday sales. If you want to get in the activity of black Friday, then we all should make sure that we don’t ruin other peoples’ Thanksgiving.

Cheap brands are on sale

There are tons of deals you will find during the Black Friday especially on electronics, like TVs, Mobiles, and laptops. These deals seem cheap to you but not to the sellers. The problem is that most of the deals are of companies you never heard of. You will mostly find a copy of the things which are made by an unnamed Chinese company. It might cheap to buy them but it will result in your loss. As many stores will sell these items on the price of a renowned company. You will also find huge sales on kitchen appliances. But these products might more prone to fault. If you are doing online shopping on Black Friday, then never buy clothes at that time. Most stores will give you cheap quality cloths on black Friday. First, experience the material of the clothes and then buy them. You will need to search several stores and online websites to find the best deals possible.

Low supplies purposely

Many stores promote their black Friday sale by giving advertisements for mind-blowing sales. If you saw a 60 inch OLED TV in 800$ what would you do? You will surely go to buy it. The only problem you will face that the store only has 1-2 TVs in the store. Many people will fight to score the deal and get it. What retailers do that they slowly shelf product so more people fight on it. They have the product on sales stored in their warehouse. But they don’t restock them until the products are finished. This causes the customers to see and buy other things until then. Some stores will have 2-3 products in stock but gather people so they could purchase other things as well. So if you are behind in the black Friday line than forget that you will even get the deal. This all because the store wants to lure customers by fake promising them. The government doesn’t do anything related to this and stop them as they get extra taxes on black Friday.

These are some of the things the government doesn’t want us to know. We are sure you will find this blog helpful for your next black Friday sale. Use Professional Dissertation Writers UK to hire someone to write black Friday related dissertations. Just remember your and other life is more important than any deal.

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