Ways Marketers Are Making You Addicted to Cyber Monday

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Ways Marketers Are Making You Addicted to Cyber Monday

Christmas season is one of the most exceptional times. You can have off day, massive sales and have parties in the house. The great thing about this season it the gigantic sales. Sales like Black Friday, thanksgiving sales and Cyber Monday attract a lot of buyers. Many people are looking to buy a quality item this month, and they don’t want to use as much money. Cyber Monday is one of the famous sales of this season. We are here to tell you 10 ways marketers are making us addicted to Cyber Monday. The marketers want us to be addicted to Cyber Monday so that we buy almost everything on sale. Need Dissertation Writing Help related to this topic then read the full blog.

Using visual and video.

You might have seen tons of website using a different kind of visual and videos to attract a buyer. Their visual content is trying to explain what is the product does. If you encounter the strategy, ignore them. This strategy is slowly diverting our minds to buy the specific item.

Let that an example. A mattress manufacturer blue makes a visual ad about the mattress showing that an annoying thing can even attract the user. In the ad, they showed they’re mattress features which almost all mattresses have. They also showed some videos of satisfied customers. 

In the past mattresses used to be bought after 5 to 10 years by a person. You can easily spend $4000 to $5000 for a typical mattress. But now the companies have eliminated the need for a physical retail location and cut the development cost. They are selling their items on the internet. Now you can buy a luxury quality mattress for $2000. It would be hard for you as a customer to even resist the urge to buy the mattress. It one of the examples of how visual and video content can attract a ton of buyers. This thing is widespread in the Cyber Monday sale where almost all the product has Special video content to tempt you.

Use of mobile/smartphone

Mobile is the most loving way to use the internet. Several reasons add to its liking. First of all, everyone uses social media, and the experience is smooth. With the big screen of the smartphone and their portability everyone love to use smartphones. The retailer knows about this, and they try to use all of this in their Cyber Monday sale. They know that if a person wants to be something, he/she will Google it. These retailers pay a search engine to show their website at the top of the result.

They specifically make the desktop experience for the user, so they buy from the phones. Consumer demand the websites to have a seamless mobile experience. If the website doesn’t improve the experience for the consumer of the site, the consumer will move to a website that has a better experience. User experience is one the strategy of how marketers addict us to Cyber Monday.

Fake huge sales.

One of the techniques markets use that before Cyber Monday they spike the prices of the item. As soon as Cyber Monday comes they balance the amount back to the original form but they say it is a sale. You can see this by comparing the prices of 2-3 months again and Cyber Monday sales prices. It makes us think that it is a terrific deal and we should definitely buy it. Once we buy it, we are slowing taking steps to get addicted to the Cyber Monday. You can simply avoid it by comparing prices to the monthly expenses.

All in.

Holidays are an excellent excuse for the marketer to provide an opportunity to give huge sales. The online retailer is preparing for this as they map out ad copies, social media content, and strategy before the sale. This allows them to gain several new and old customers. They make a massive amount of profitable in these sales.

You can clearly see that the Cyber Monday is intentionally placed after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. People are free at that time, and they buy tons of items. Cyber Monday offer them to leverage buyer and push more sales. When we buy an item on sale, we get an urge to buy more. The urge also helps them to gain these sales. The solution to this to purchase one thing a time unless you surely know the deal is right.

Market to the existing customer base.

Much online shopping website saves money on advertising by giving a short discount to an old customer. This helps them in two ways. One that they get sell their stuff quickly. Second that they score loyal permanent customers. The websites have a huge list of the old customer even if they bought a $4 item. These Websites contact the former buyer and tell them about new sales and give them a discount code. The user will definitely buy an item from the website to use the system. They not only list they can even contact followers through social media. Think a company is generating enormous profits. Won’t they may be using some of the money on more advertisements and secure even more profit? They will definitely and many websites do it.

Many websites do this on Cyber Monday and get us addicted to buying these things. There is nothing wrong with the strategy just remember not to get addicted to it.

Learn to create a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out.

You must know that every website tries to attract every single user on their first visit. They do this because they see the majority of the people will never visit again. They do everything they can to catch the user in their field.

Many websites do this to provide time-limited and expiring sales to a new user. To avail of this sale the user buys stuff if they don’t they can fear missing out. These tactics work very well, and people are caught in it. You can save yourself from these sales by not avail these sales. Remember Cyber Monday is there to help us get products at low prices.

Multiple payment options.

To get all the user and addict us to every kind of sale, the marketers use multiple payment options. It is very helpful for us but gets slowly addicted to deals. This way many of us are hooked to Cyber Monday. They do this because they know even user don’t have money how would they buy the thing. Retailers have to make it comfortable for the user. Some consumer uses PayPal, and some like to credit or debit card. Some even use apple pay or cryptocurrency to pay.

Since most of the users are shifting to mobile companies are trying to introduce a mobile-friendly payment option. You can also select for cash on delivery on some items so you can pay in cash too.

This way marketers are making you abdicated to Cyber Monday. This blog will huge Help with Dissertation. We are sure these tips will help you lot. Remember to spend only the necessary amount of money only.

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