6 Things Not to do While Writing Your Dissertation

If you have come across this blog, then this means you have probably reached the point in your life where you are rummaging through different sources to kick start writing your dissertation. Your thesis or dissertation serves to be one of the major deciding factors of your final degree. If you efficaciously succeed in the establishment of your thesis or dissertation, that too with quality, then there is nothing that can come between you and your graduation ceremony. However, if by any means, you are unable to complete your thesis on time, then you are in trouble.

Students and academic researchers often make a number of mistakes while writing their thesis which makes it difficult for them to craft a dissertation of quality.

This is why Dissertation Advisor, the best providers of PhD Dissertation Help UK brings to you this rundown on lethal things that should be avoided while inscribing down a thesis or a dissertation.

Do not take References from Unknown Sources

One of the major mistakes done by students while writing their thesis is that they take reference from any other source they come across. This is not what professionals who provide experienced guidance in dissertation writing UK do. Professionals are accustomed to getting material for their writings from top notch journals and other credible sources, this makes your work authentic and the results of your data will come out correct. Students often panic during their viva because their professor point out a wrong piece of information that they put up taking reference from a source that had no authenticity. Internet is a big space and everyday a number of people put up a massive pile of information. Not everything is right.

Do not Limit your Research

When you begin composing literature for your dissertation, make sure you do not limit your research to just a limited area. It is best if you expand your findings and revolve your thesis according. This will help you address your research in different dimensions and understand it well enough to ace the viva. Generally a thesis consists of 10,000 to 20,000 words and using all of these words in addressing a single idea can be repetitive, hence it is best when you expand the horizon of your research limit. To make the load easy, professionals at thesis providing platforms like the Dissertation Advisor give necessary bits of information to help you make your dissertation a success by providing experience advises about dissertation writing UK.

Never Begin too Late

If you begin writing your thesis when the deadline is a few days ahead then be rest assured that you will end up panicking and procrastinating and won’t be able to submit in time. It is a bad idea to begin your thesis late because it is a long and rigorous process that needs a specified amount of time and must be given rightly so to avoid any glitches in the successful completion of it on time. Dissertation demand time because there is a number of things to be done. And the most time taking step is the data collection procedure. Hence it is best if things are taken care of, right from the beginning.

Do not Include Irrelevant Information

Some students often end up including information that tick all the boxes of unnecessary data. This can lead your thesis going to a different tangent. ‘Hey but you said I shouldn’t limit my research and add a number of information in it in point number 2’. We know this is what you must be saying out loud in your mind, but remember this: adding different bits of information of the same issue being discussed and discussing an entirely different dimension are two equally contrasting things. When you do the latter, you are going out of the tangent. Make sure that your thesis has a vast and in depth insight to the issue that is being discussed in your thesis and meanwhile keep the relevancy level to 100% and avoid putting information that is too remotely related to the topic your work is centered around. Keep it close to the proximity of your topic and avoid going out of the circle.

Do not Forget to Add the Citations

Giving citation is a way to give credits to the authors whose idea is being projected in your thesis. This saves you from practicing plagiarism. By mentioning the person whose work is being used as a reference, you will not only be saved from the penalty of being plagiarized but will also be saved if the theory mentioned has glitch in it. Because apparently that is not your own original work and you are just mentioning someone else’s work with respect to the context of our research.

Do not Ever use an Informal Tone in your Dissertation

Using an informal tone in your dissertation or thesis or industrial project is a very bad idea. People often begin writing words and phrases that ruin the essence of the writing and make it look like an informal creative blog instead. It is a major NO-NO. It is best and ideal to make your words strictly professional and avoid catchphrases, striking and catchy words to remain true to your writing.

After having a thorough read of the above mentioned don’ts of writing a thesis, we are sure you are by now fully equipped with the necessary tools to begin penning down your dissertation. However if you are still struggling with your dissertation, reach out to us at Dissertation Advisor, where you will receive first hand Dissertation help UK.

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