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Students With Disabilities: Your Guide To Landing A Job

Disabilities are a physical or mental barrier that confines an individual’s movements, senses, or actions. Living with some sort of limitations is very difficult. With the recent advancement, there some disabilities that can be fixed at a particular time. But still, a large number can’t. Scientists are trying their hard to make a robust solution. Some creators have also introduced some items and services to make lifestyle easier for disabled people. You can quickly write a dissertation on the downside of disabilities. Or you can take one of the best UK Dissertation Help. Students with disabilities even harder time at educational institutions. Here is a guide for disability students to land a stable job.

Everyday Problems

The largest minority group in the world is currently people with disabilities. Most people with disabilities are underestimated in the job market. Most employers just think of them is incapable. They think they can’t complete their tasks which are assigned. This a widespread misunderstanding. Due to these, Students with a disability can arise a challenge in the career planning process. Mentioned below are some problems disable students face

  • High level of discrimination in hiring
  • A shallow understanding of job seeking right
  • Lack of certain resource
  • Lack of proper career planning for disabled students
  • Immature leadership and teamwork skills
  • Less number of internship
  • Minimal local job available
  • Fear of hiring due to their disability
  • Near to none profession experience

These are some of the problems that disable students. Taking advantage of the career resource is very crucial for any kind of student.  Even if you are living with a disability or not. Career prep especially is vital for those who to gain experience and want to stand out in the job market. We have generously mentioned some common prep resources for disabled students.

Learning-Based Of Job

The employment-based learning process prepares students to improve and apply their academic skills in a professional work environment. This helps them to choose a career and develop the personal and professional skills needed for that field. Work-based learning often looks first in the resume to hire people for a job position. Employer tends to favor students who are graduate with a recent work-based learning experience.


By completing an internship, a student can gain invaluable experience in the work environment. This allows them to change and explore new career options. There are several internship opportunities one can take, even with disabilities. They can opt for it and show off their skills in the workplace setting. There are different programs that are well for disable students. Such as The Emerging leaders’ internship programs which give first to disable people. Students with disabilities show a lot of effort in the competitive internship in the programs that help them to gain the required leadership and networking skills. Another program such as AAAS entry point is specifically aimed towards students with disabilities studying science or math or any of the corresponding fields. 

Self-Sufficient Study Programs

If you a student with a disability, you can take guidance from your academic advisor to join an independent study program. These programs are specially designed to provide academic credit hours through a personalized study tracking system outside the educational schedule. These individualistic study programs emphasis more on research papers and projects.  This very beneficial for a disabled student. This can keep up with education work through a short workaround. Independent study is shown to demonstrate to future employer skills like self-discipline and organization.

Cooperative Experiences

Through collaboration between students, faculty, employers, and staff cooperative work experience allows students to gain paid and practical work experience. You can join these collaborative experiences, such as a trainee or even a temporary worker. Through this, you can be participating in a business or organization. In some jobs, you will get academic credits too as along with the experience. These programs provide the student with the necessary expertise in the field. Disable students can also help potential employers gauge teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Job Shadowing

Many people don’t know what is a job shadowing is? A job shadow process allows students to observe an employee in a position or field of interest to them. While they may not give academic credit, it helps the student to learn about every aspect of a job position in everyday life. Job shadowing provides the student with an accurate and concentrated viewpoint on a potential career field. This can help students with disabilities. As they can grasp the specific skill set required in a particular job.

Service Learning

Service-learning encompasses a variety of non-paid, volunteering learning opportunities. These spots are intended to show students the intermediate reward of becoming engaged with their environment by giving back through different public service projects. They may or may not produce academic credits that can be used in universities. These opportunities are also beneficial for disable students as they show how potential employers can enhance a student’s willingness to gain enlightenment. This enlightenment can be both in a personal and professional aspect of life. 

Extracurricular involvement

Extracurricular involvement in students is another essential approach from academic study to work lifestyle. Career services at most colleges will encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities to show potential employers a wide variety of skills. This can help a student to gain engagement and fellowship outside their education life. Here some following examples of extracurricular activities that can help in the job market for students with disabilities.

  1. Educational and Certified Establishments

Involvement in an academic and professional organization is one of the extra-curricular activities. Even from math club to FFA, students show a proper commitment to their professional personal growth in the field of their choice. Students also increase academic results in school through this. This can increase overall career networking while at the school level. Most employers tend to be impressed to see these students and consider then as their first option for hiring. Most employers do this as they see better career enlightenment and already formed a professional relationship before graduation in these students. Many school alumni associations are principally an extension of these education and certified ties created by students while studying on campus.

  • Voluntary Events work

Volunteering event work includes mostly community service projects, involvement in charitable events, donating time or services and helping others. All these activities doing return anything both in terms of money or academic credit. Students who volunteer in these activities in their community do it to gain valuable team-building skills. Service-related activities also look good and can fill up the white space on your resume.

  • Greek Life

Going to a fraternity or sorority can implant a sense of friendship and fellowship among students. But association in such groups also needs active contribution in charitable events, public service events, and fundraising attempts, all of which can improve an old CV.

This was the career for the student with a disability. Most of the activities mentioned will require a lot of time. You can save time by hiring one of the best UK dissertation help services. They will complete your dissertation-related work at affordable prices and on time. Take care of yourself and never be ashamed of yourself.

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