Key Things to Consider When Writing a Dissertation

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Key Things to Consider When Writing a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a long and daunting process. Throughout your academic life, you are required to write various assignments, thesis, research papers, and other projects. But your dissertation is different from all those works which you have produced in your life. It is the pinnacle of your academic qualifications and you are now supposed to be at the top of everything. Your skill level is supposed to be high and the quality is expected to be that of a master of the subject. Your dissertation needs to be well structured and well compiled. The persuasiveness and standard of argumentation must be great.

In Dissertation Writing Service UK, people who assist students in their papers say that most students have the potential to write competitive papers. But in order to do that, they need certain conditions and discipline. Their skill level is high but ruined by their misconduct and bad handling of things. Often times, students get confused and end up producing a mediocre dissertation. If you are one of these students, this article is going to let you know about a few things that need to be considered while writing a dissertation. Remember, your dissertation is the most important paper you have ever written. Take it seriously, or otherwise, be ready to fail or score below-average marks.

What should be considered when writing a Dissertation?

A few things, if considered and applied correctly can uplift the quality of your most important paper. These things are:


The introduction may be the last part of your writing but it surely does not come last in thinking. The draft of your introduction should be ready very early in the project. It enables you to keep your research on the right track. Establish what intrigues you in the field of study that you are pursuing and why you desire to explore this particular part of the discipline.

The introduction serves the purpose of providing the rationale for what you are doing. Why your research project is important and why should the reader consider this particular problem you are writing about. A thesis statement is the most significant part of your introduction. It exhibits the specific problem you are going to address in the paper and keeps your whole research intact to a basic platform or theme.

It is a base camp for every argument that you are going to present later and the whole dissertation is an echo of what you state in these paragraphs. Clearly reflect on the problem and your own position on it. An interesting sentence, in the beginning, will keep the reader interested in your research. Make sure that the introduction does not include everything that you want to say lest you will have nothing to write about in the later chapters. Keep your language straightforward and be specific to the problem that you are addressing. The tone for your whole dissertation is set in these introductory paragraphs and it is up to what kind of approach you are using to argue.


The significance of research can never be highlighted in a few lines appropriately. This is because it is the most important part of your dissertation which determines your score, your knowledge, your quality of argument and even your degree. Every other aspect of a dissertation revolves around your research. Taking up the right measures and using the right resources is what makes your research worth praising.

It is important for the students to understand that starting to work on their task and studying the topic they chose for their dissertation right after they are assigned with it is essential. Researching takes the longest time among all of your dissertation divisions. Your argument, data, facts and figures, analysis of the information and their resources everything depends on the quality of your research. No argument can be defended without good research, no matter how easy it is.

To understand the significance of research, mere this fact is enough that teachers have separate marks for research. Students who come up with good research and bring new information and data about the topic are awarded extra marks. You can always seek help from dissertation writing service for research or work hard yourself tirelessly. Doesn’t matter whatever you do. But the quality of research is the backbone of your dissertation. If it is not considered when writing a dissertation and emphasis is on other things, the consequences will never be what you desire to get.

Developing an Argument:

One key factor that enriches the reading experience and goes throughout the dissertation is the development of your argument. Development is essential in every kind of writing. But in a long paper, it becomes more essential.

Start off by discussing why this specific problem is chosen by you and the importance it carries within the society or the field. Express your views against the critics who have worked before on the same topic and you disagree with them. But make sure that your tone is humble and respectful. Present the evidence in favor of your argument and draw appropriate conclusions. Explain to the reader why these conclusions are logical and reasoning is the key factor in your judgment.

The Structure:

The structure of your dissertation depends on the norms and conventions followed in your discipline. Check out the regulations set by your department. The most common structure used in most disciplines is:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices

Make sure that each chapter is in this order and mentioned clearly. Also, it is important that your material is appropriate for each chapter. Do not give evidence and discussion related material in another chapter. Every one of these has a separate function and they work independently but yet coherently. The coherence and cohesiveness of your paper are pivotal.

Re-writing and Improving:

Once you are done writing or drafting. It is essential that you keep looking at your paper from the examiner’s perspective. Take a critical look at your dissertation and think what questions are left unanswered. See if there are any weak points in your arguments and strengthen them by re-writing. Don’t take re-writing as a failure, it’s a sign of improving knowledge and better understanding.

To improve your paper, try to write linking paragraphs between various chapters. Make sure that they are related to each other and finally, related to the main problem. Think about every individual paragraph, why it is here and what purpose it serves in conveying the message. Criticize your work from an objective point of view.

Finally, look for the mistakes or weaknesses in language or grammar. An average story, when told by a skilled storyteller becomes extraordinary. The reason is the choice of words and the structure of sentences. Your argument can be more persuasive if your language supports it. Correct the mistakes in grammar, spellings or punctuation. Have a look at the formatting and stylization along with the format of referencing. The consistency brought by this reviewing can improve your paper by a great margin.

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