Key recommendations for making a personal statement for college

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Key recommendations for making a personal statement for college

A personal statement is a vital part of our college application. We try our best to make our personal statement as attracting as it can get. Almost all students try to make it perfect, but they result in a personal statement which lacks a sense and show the person that your absence in interest. Due to this, the readers might not think you are suitable for the position/seat of the college. We are here to give you the key recommendations for writing a personal statement for college.

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a descriptive summary given to college/universities/offices to show the uniqueness of the applying persons from the competition. A personal statement used for the university application is much more detailed and necessary to get admission in college.

How long should a personal statement be?

The length of the personal statement will depend on the place you apply at. Such as the character count for colleges and universities is 4000 while the character count for offices is mostly 3500 but can 4500 in some places.

This character count might look very big, but while you are writing a personal statement, you will see that it is very less. While writing, you might need to summarise the draft to the adequate amount of characters.


Many people don’t know what the formation of a personal statement is. Some people think that the structure is 1 whole paragraph. While others think you need to make 1 introduction paragraph and then write single line paragraphs. The proper structure is the same as an essay. 3-4 sections, first being the introduction, second is the body and lastly the conclusions.


Remember only one personal statement will be made. It will be sent to all the colleges you apply at so it better that you give it 200%. The introduction of the personal statement will be the most criticised part, so if it’s perfect, then college will love it.

In the introduction, state your life goal. What you want to become and how the course you are taking in college is related to it. Show how you found out about it and how this affects you daily.


Your body will be the main thing in the personal statement. It will consist of about 70% of the whole personal statement. The best way to make your best look elegant and shine out is to do proper paragraphing of all the stuff in the body. While writing a body include all the extracurricular activities related to the course you want to study. Make the body show your interest in the whole personal statement. Many students make the mistake of mentioning the university names they are applying at. This a very childish mistake as your single personal statement will go to all the colleges and universities.

When you done mentioning everything about the experiences, courses it now time to write all the hobbies and interest in the body. We suggest that you create another paragraph to write all this stuff. Try to end the paragraph halfway and then change the section this will save you characters count. Many students don’t know that the spaces are counted in the character count. If you leave a broad line only to change a paragraph, it can increase your character count by a lot.


The conclusion is the end part of the personal statement. It can give the interviewer a lasting impression for the years to come by. A conclusion will include a short summary of the above mentioned vital factors. While writing all the summary keep the reader interested and help them stay with you. Lastly, show the course will help you and how do you see yourself in the future when you have learned this course. You are planning a study after this mention that too. It will help the college reader to know that you are really interested in the course, and it is your passion.

This will be the things you will be writing to structure for the personal statement.

Why is a personal statement necessary?

Many times college and universities will have a large number of student for admission, but the number of seats will be limited. Sometime due to this, the different student with the same grades will be often seen. Then the college will determine the rightful student for the admission seat by reading the personal statement.

This small piece of text can create a massive difference in a case like this. So this is the reason that it is so necessary and essential.

These were only the structure related thing now comes the main thing


Before you even start to the right your personal statement you will need to decide the courses you want to take in college. Think the course you want to take and see whether it is related to your passion. Once you think that you have found the best course for yourself its time to brainstorm around it. Brainstorm all the key points you can consider of as these points will be mainly utilised in the making personal statement.

Draft writing

Once you did the brainstorming, you can move to the next step of draft writing. Just starting writing and think it final, personal statement. Keep writing and don’t worry about the character count in the draft. Once you have written the draft, then summarise it to required character count. Students might need to make draft 3-4 before finalising for the last personal statement.


The timing of your writing personal statement can affect the quality of it. Find the date you will send it and write personal statement months before it. Doing it early will help you improve it throughout the year, and you can take your teacher to help to improve it. At the end of the year of school, the teachers are very busy will have no time to help you.

Think the primary goal before writing

Students often write their personal statement without thinking of the main goal. Some students can’t even write without the primary goal. But if you still manage to write it will be mostly uninteresting and will not focus on one thing as it will jump around different subjects. You will write it correctly if you think of the subject before writing.

Be yourself

A personal statement is called personal for reasons. It is called a personal statement as it is all personal and related to yourself. If you are writing to show all the strengths whether you have them or not it will be a mess for both you and the college. While writing just be yourself, observe everything you do, what makes you unique, how you are the perfect candidate. This will allow the personal statement to create an image of you in the mind of college.

These are some of the key recommendations for writing a personal statement for college. If you were planning to write this blog can be a massive help towards it. Just remember throughout writing a personal statement to this can create a huge difference for all your college life. If you want to have, a professional person write your personal statement you can use Best Dissertation Writing Services Online to do that. They will provide with error-free and almost perfect personal statement for you.

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