Ideal Dissertation Chapter Structure & Word Count

Dissertation writing is an extensive process, and it is everything but simple. It can last for months, and pupils have trouble fulfilling its needs and requirements some of which can be unexpected. Students are guided and assisted by the dissertation help UK to understand the structure of the dissertation.

Understanding the dissertation structure can solve so many troubles students face. When the breakdown and word count are sorted, the writing process can be initiated. The break down is vital to ensure you don’t exceed your word limit as you’ll know how many words go in each chapter.

If you breakdown the entire write-up before starting to write you’ll be more confident about each chapter. You’ll know what and exactly how much you have to write in a particular chapter so you can set a time limit easily as in how many hours are you going to dedicate for a certain section.

The Central Breakdown

Let’s begin with the structural breakdown and ideal word count;

Introduction 1500 words
Literature Review 3000 words
Methodology 2000 words
Empirical Material 2000 words
Discussion 2000 words
Conclusion 1500 words
Total 12000 to 14000 words

The ideal work down is from 10,000 to 15,000; however, it depends on the criteria for your dissertation. You may get certain guidelines, in which case you should follow what is told.

The table above only shows the main headings. These headings can be further divided into subheadings for a better write-up look overall. This division will make things easier to understand, and it also adds an edge to the writing. The breakdown is as follows:

Introduction-1500 words

Pre-theoretic overview 500 words
Why you chose this topic 100 words
The purpose of the research 600 words
What are the objectives 300 words

Although the introduction is supposed to be the first chapter of the dissertation, but this is usually written last. The reason for writing it in the last is it sets the mood for what lies ahead. This chapter must have the background, objectives, and a short overview of the literature. The outline of the chapters ahead is also presented in the introduction that is why it is written after getting done with the rest of the writing.

Literature Review-3000 words

History 500 words
Present review 1500 words
The context of the study 1000 words

Literature review helps the writer to understand what previous researchers have to say about the topic. It also aids in identifying the gaps in previous researches that can support the reason you are conducting this study. The methods and factors can be idealised for the research by going through past studies.

The literature review must have a concise analysis of the findings by past studies and it should have a conclusion about the accuracy of those findings. It is not about summarising the studies only; the material should be used to create arguments as it sets the basis for your research. It is smart to get literature dissertation help UK due to the complexity of this chapter.

Methodology-2000 words

Philosophy 500 words
The technique used for data collection 600 words
Criteria for data 200 words
Ethics of research 200 words
Tools used for data analysis 500 words

It means the way you choose to answer the questions your research poses. It impacts the whole study, and that is why it is crucial to select it after giving it a nice and detail thought.

This chapter must include a paragraph describing the design of the study. The aims and research question should be incorporated in this chapter too. This is the chapter where the method you have selected for the research must be justified. The sample and sampling method is also described, and the details about data collection are included in methodology. The limitations of the research are clearly stated in this chapter.

Empirical Material-2000 words

Data presentation 500 words
Analysis of data 1000 words
Findings 500 words

This chapter is all about the data that you have used to reach the findings of the research. You have to add a detailed data analysis and then elaborate on the findings. This part is a little difficult, but with dissertation help UK, you can get it done effectively.

Discussion-2000 words

Discussion 1800 words
Development of theory 200 words

This is the section where you will establish how you have answered your research questions and how your study is positioned in the vast field of researches. By the time a reader reached to the discussion, the findings have been already read. So, in this chapter, a reader is looking for your interpretations about the findings. This is the long chapter so you should dedicate a paragraph at the end to chapter summary. The summary should have points that you are trying to make in the dissertation.

Conclusion-1500 words

Review of aims and objectives 300 words
The contribution of the study 300 words
Review methodologically 300 words
Limitations and scope for future research 300 words
Overall wrap up 300 words

This section as you can see in the breakdown consists of various elements. It must include a brief summary of your findings and what were you expecting to find. The conclusion that you have drawn from the whole research and why do you think this is an important study. You should also highlight the limitations and give some recommendations for the future researches around a similar topic.

The final paragraph of this chapter should be an overall conclusion about the entire study. Every element of the conclusion should be precise and concise. There is no need to make it lengthy as it has nothing new. Everything that you are going to state in the last chapter has already been stated before in different chapters; it is just collecting them together. So, make sure to keep it as concise and to the point as possible.

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