Top 6 Dissertation Topics Literature Students will Admire

One of the major concerns and hurdles faced by Literature students before beginning to write down their thesis is to decide the topic for their project. Literature might look like a subject that is easy and super interesting but when it comes to writing your thesis on Literature, it proves to be ever so challenging.

The reason what makes it demanding to select a suitable topic for your Literature thesis is that the dimensions of this subject are very vast and you want to make sure that you are hooked on the right path. Else you will considerably fail to stick with your craft and end up with something remotely related to literature.

Going on your venture to select a topic for literature initially begins off board. Once you begin sifting and sorting, you will have a narrowed down list from which you can choose that which suits you the best.

First things first. You need to recognize the domain you are comfortable in writing and researching about. For instance you are more into researching about gender or gender roles or anything speaking around the same lines, then it is best to script down the cloud in a bit of paper and then branch it out in possible sub domains that talk about an interesting issue or theory regarding the domain you earlier thought about.

There are a number of topics you can choose from for writing your thesis but finding the one suitable for you might be challenging.

However, if you start broad and then make it specific, you will find the destined area you want to go with. And to make to keep the pace right on the track, all the major platforms that provide Best Literature Dissertation Help suggest the same technique of choosing the best topic for your Literature thesis.

Here are some research topics on Literature that might be handy for you to get started with your thesis.

Old English

Researching and writing about Old English has to be one of the most interesting things in today’s time. Now is the perfect time than ever to research on the Old English because a multitude of slangs and informal words and phrases have made their way into the English dictionary.

The essence of the language has lost its truest form and people keep on adding words to their dictionary that makes the language all the more effected with the epidemic of modern slang. Writing your thesis on the old English will be an exceptionally great job. According to experts, research on Old English is interesting but a little technical.

Gender Roles

Discuss about the gender roles of the protagonist male and female of the novel you want to write your thesis on. This can include their character definition in the beginning followed by their roles as individuals belonging to the opposite gender. What are their stories and how do they contribute to the story, what are their individual stories, the strengths and weaknesses with respect to their gender. Is one more effective than the other? And how?


Politics has never been a dull subject. (Not for literature students at least). There is so much that can be talked and researched about in politics. It is a vast subject with a wide horizon of areas to be discussed. However, this subject consists of a number of sensitive areas that are best to be avoided but in a bigger picture it can bring to you, a roller coaster of experience when researched on.

In case you are focusing your research to a particular novel, then discuss the dimensions of politics discussed in that novel to a broader perspective covering the major bits to make your research interesting and informative both at the same time.

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is an issue that is being discussed around the globe majorly and everyone knows the value of the topic and its sensitivity level as well. Why not you do your own research on this hottest trending topic and inscribe down your thesis on it too?

In case you want to center your research on a particular novel, then it will be a great idea to align women empowerment and roll it with the characters of the female protagonist or a notable feminine character in the novel and then begin with your master pen.


Look for the most highlighted criticism in the novel you have based your research on and then put in your own critics in the Literature. This will serve as an excellent research area. However, we suggest you propose your proposal with your thesis advisor before kick starting your work in case if your TA will have any objection, it will be resolved earlier and this way you will be saved from the hard work of resubmitting your work at the eleventh hour.

Most of the portals providing Literature Dissertation Help Service suggest that topics circulating criticism are the most technical ones because you have to be first sure of your views and critics well enough to write them down and do an analysis on it.

Comparison between the works of famous authors

This has to be one of the most interesting topics to research on. Compare the works of two authors or poets (that too of the best authors or poets to up level the standards of your thesis). It is amazing how two authors who write the same niche can be so distinctive yet so similar in their writings.

The craft that they are famous for is the same yet they can be so different and yet uniquely amazing to each other. However to double the fun, we suggest you pick two authors who are new and then compare their work. This will make your writings ten times even more interesting.

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