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8 Tips To Keep The Spark In Your Writing

Writing is the best way to express your feeling. While writing, we elaborate on things from which we are shy in real life. While writing many of us to forget to keep it interesting for the readers. We here to help you keep the spark in your writing. Here are 8 tips that you will definitely need while writing.

  • Be interesting

We are not talking about to be interesting in real life or have a personality that everyone loves. We are talking about being interested in the topic you’re writing on. This tip is guaranteed to bring a lot of attention from the reader. If your mind isn’t focused and interested in the writing itself than you just give it all you got. Many readers only read a specific thing because of a different writing style. If your writing style is plain and dull, no reader will want to read it. However, you will face some problems while writing, but that can be easily overcome by thinking more and focusing more.

Adjusting your mindset.

Convince yourself that there is never anything annoying. Even if you think it is boring think about why it is annoying. While thinking about why it is boring will help you discover more points towards the topic. Try to relate the subject and its importance to the real world.

Think like a reader.

While writing considers yourself in place from the readers. Think about what the reader will think of the text and does the reader understand your point of view.

Writing for the community

If you are writing for the community, then try to find all the things about what your community likes. IF you know what they like, then include them in writing. Some reader wants picture other like videos too, see what they like and involve it the writing.

  • Emulate the style of writers you find interesting

Another right way to keep the reader interesting by trying to emulate the style of writers. You know what writer you like. Try to write the topic as your favorite Writing would have written it. This will help you to show your liking and writing style. Underlining and copy specific phrases, techniques and sentence structure will help you text to be more interesting.

  • Active voice

This tip is very common, but still, a lot of people forget to utilize it. Use active rather than passive voice while writing. As active voice is more direct, energetic and vibrant, it helps to make the work feel more appealing. Many people think that using passive voice will sound more academic and intellectual, but in fact, it does the total opposite. Keep in mind that active voice is when the subject of sentence acts but in passive voice is more when the subject is acted upon.

For example,

Passive: The color of the apple was red.

Active: Red was the color of the apple.

  • Avoid repetitive phrasing

Think of a writer that uses one point over and over just by rephrase it. You will obviously think that the writer is lacking points to write, and you will directly believe that his/her work is totally uninteresting. Use different points in the text and avoid using the same structure again and again. Try to use a range of different syntaxes. Mix simple, compound and complex sentences to makes the writing less predictable. If you keep all these little things in mind, your writing will be much more attractive to the reader.

  • Opinion

If your writing is just a plain piece of text with only facts and figures, then the reader will surely leave the interest. Try to involve your opinion in writing. Share your point of view and show what the reason is for that. Many people will agree with your point of view, and some won’t agree, that’s ok as you can’t keep everyone happy. If you are writing honestly, lots of people will love and read your content due to your uniqueness. While giving an opinion, remember not to provide opinion on sensitive topics such as religion, caste, race, and even countries. These sensitive topics will result in a massive backlash. Try to avoid issues like this overall also if it’s a topic’s need. You never know when a person can create an enormous problem for you.

  • Suspense but with foreshadowing

If you’re are writing experience or story in the text, then try to create suspense in it. Suspense can attract your readers’ attention, but too much suspense will make the reader uninteresting in the text. Use an adequate amount of suspense which doesn’t hurt but still does the job. Another thing is foreshadowing in writing. If you decided to give suspense to the reader it better that you also include the foreshadow with it. Many people don’t know what foreshadows is? Foreshadow is giving a hint of the result of the suspense. You can use different kinds of signs to divert readers’ minds toward the conclusion. Just remember as like suspense too much foreshadow can make the reader uninterested.

  • Imagination

First of all, this tip is not for people who have to write facts and figures, so you just skip it. But if its better if you read this tip for future content. While writing tries to incorporate the story into the mind of the readers. You can easily do that by telling all the scenarios and environments in the story. Many times the reader will compare himself with the main character. It is only achievable with the help of imagination. If the reader imagines what you want to say, then you gave almost full attention of the reader. Once you have the attention than getting the reader, interest is not harder than a walk in the park. Many storytelling writers incorporate the tip in their work. Many famous novels like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Hobbit have used this and the reader loves it.

  • Editing

Whether how much you make your text perfect reader won’t like it until you make it free from all the errors. Also, find suitable synonyms that show that you have a large vocabulary but are not hard on the reader to understand. If the readers won’t understand how will it create interest. Doing editing is the hardest part of writing as you have to read the text 5-6 times to makes error-free. If you are comfortable with editing your own documents then it well and good. But for those who really really hate it, we have a solution. Have you ever heard about online writing services? If no we will tell these online writing services to help you do or even edit your document with a small fee. These online writing services help with dissertation help services, blog help services, essay help services and much more. Just visit a reliable online writing service website they will guide all about it.

All the 8 tips that will help keep the spark in your writing. Remember writing a perfect piece of text will require all the amount of time and practice. Write some drafts of the document to help you select the best information. If you found these tips help, please provide us with feedback. Take care and keep writing.

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