6 Reasons to Be Addicted to Christmas Day

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6 Reasons to Be Addicted to Christmas Day

Christmas is one of the best holidays all over the world. Whether you are a Christian or not, you can enjoy and savor it. Christmas occurs on 25 December and mostly celebrated by Christian around the world.

What is Christmas?

The word Christmas derives from the word Cristes masesse. Christmas is the festivity of the birth of Jesus. The first Christmas started In the 336 AD in Rome.

Christmas is one of those days, which is a holiday and holy day as well. It is one of the main six religious festivals of Christians. Many schools, government jobs, and private appointments recognize it as a significant holiday and provide their employees to take some days off.

So why do we need to be addicted to Christmas? There are the main 6 reasons why you should be addicted to Christmas.

1. Holidays

The best thing about the Christmas season is that almost all the people will get off. Whether if you are a student who is studying or an adult who is working, you can get holidays. You can relax in these holidays and spend time with your loved ones. If you are students, you will enjoy extra holidays but with some winter homework about Dissertation Writing.

Many non-Christian people can also take-offs on Christmas. Christmas is about enjoying time with your family and sharing happiness with everybody. It is also suggested that you should give charity and donation more this season.

2. Snow

Mostly the Christmas holiday is in winter in most countries. The excellent thing about this holiday that it is in winter. You can play in the snow and encounter the flavors of winters. You can enjoy the natural beauty of snow. Snow is magical and graceful for many people. Who wouldn’t like a vacation in a resort? I would definitely, especially if the rooftop is cover with snow. The ground and road are covered with snow with slow breezes. Look like a sight from a romantic movie. You can have all this in winter. Take the long winter walks in the snow. Make a snowman and play snowball fighting, or you can just lay beside the fireplace with a rocking chair. We are sure you will love it.

Many people don’t like snow because it is cold and they just don’t like cold temperatures. These don’t know yet how to enjoy the winter. If your friend is like this, then show him the fun in the snow.

3. Food

Whether what the seasons it is we humans love to eat food. Christmas is one the occasion where you will eat dishes that even their names will make your mouth watery. Food ranging from turkey, sandwiches, pies, cake and much more. Feeling hunger right? We are surely feeling hunger. Think about how much you will eat on Christmas day without worrying. You won’t even get as fat in December as you will use most of the energy in keeping yourself warm. No will say to you that you have to go to the gym as the majority of gyms will be closed. Enjoy the Christmas season at the fullest. Did I mention the hot chocolate? No, how could we miss it? Hot chocolate is one the drink that almost every one of us likes. Its chocolaty taste and warm indulges us to the position we can never imagine.

4. Santa

We all know about Santa. The fat old guy with long white beard and mustache and wears a red suit. We all used to wait for Santa Claus when we small. We knew that we will get a fantastic gift from him. Kids, the next 2 lines are not for you so skip it. We now know that he wasn’t real, and our parent just tucks the gift under the pillow or Christmas. We believed in him that he will definitely come. There are a lot of unique feelings before you open your gift on Christmas day. You will also have some memories related to the Christmas present. We used to write letters to Santa to give us a specific thing and then posted them. We wait intensely waited for Santa to come on 25 December.

5. Parties

Christmas is the one the best excuse to party and enjoy time with friends. The whole year we are just pushing ourselves through to work and work, but December is here to help us enjoy. You can go into Christmas parties, Work parties, Family gathering and New Year parties.  It will be impossible to make time for parties on a typical workday but Christmas gives you time to party hard. It’s all about fun and relaxation.

6. Dressing Up

This one for women who like dressing up and buying clothes all day long. If you are one of them then Christmas is the best excuse to buy new branded clothes. Just purchase through the Christmas season and wear them. Enjoy the moment while it lasts. For all the cosplayers, you can freely wear all of your costumes on Halloween. Halloween is one of the events in the Christmas season, although it occurs in November. We suggest you charity your old clothes to a thrift shop and buy new so you and poor people can wear the right clothes. 

These are the six reasons why you should be addicted to the Christmas season. But we have some essential tips as well related Christmas season safety.

Don’t drink and drive

There is a no brainer, but still many people drink and drive. If you do this at Christmas, you aren’t risking your life but of others too. You might think that you are in control, but in an instance, you lose control and crash somewhere.

Wear warm clothes

Many people think that they will go outside in winter without wearing warm clothes. They believe it will make them stronger. It does not. If you are doing this for increasing your cold resistance, then you might be endangering your life. To improve your coldness resistance, you will need to slowly and gradually allow your body to modify and prepare itself.

Backup supply

In winter there are more chances that you will not go out and the stores will be closed. You can backup essential things before winter especially food and other things. You certainly not know when you might need it. Many hotels do this as they know that a storm or anything can occur. 

Enjoy time with family

Many spend all their time parting and leaving their family all alone Christmas. The meaning of Christmas is to spend time together and care for each other. You can party but remember just enough time to spend with your family. You use all the Top Dissertation Writing UK to complete your dissertation and save more time.

These some of the tips and things you should remember throughout Christmas. Remember, Christmas is a season to be jolly.

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