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5 Criteria You Should Follow to Hire Professional Academic Writers

The clock is ticking. The week you were supposed to be submitting your completed assignment is finally here, and you are in a state of shock. You think about completing the work in the next few days, but 8,000 words is a lot to cover. Your mind is furiously thinking over the options available. You can give the assignment to someone you know will be able to do it, but they have their schedules occupied at the moment. You also try copying from a similar assignment from the web, but that is just too significant a risk to take. In this case, you desperately look online, for people who can help you out.

In this case, the only people that can help you out are those that are experts at getting academic assignments done. Academic writing is quite unlike any other form of writing, in the way that there are some rules and codes that must be adhered to to complete papers successfully. Still, that isn’t the hardest part though, as there is something which complicates the process greatly. It isn’t so much as following the rules that matter most, but who is following those rules in the first place. In this case, the hardest part is simply to find the best writer for your academic work.

A quick web search would bring up hundreds of academic writing services that are ready to take your money and do your work in exchange. However, guessing their quality just from their outer image would be quite difficult. Just like there are pluses and minuses to everything, there are inevitably going to be some services out there that are simply there to scam you. After your payments are processed, there is no saying what will happen to your cash and whether you are going to receive your article in the end.

To avoid falling into that trap, there needs to be a set of criteria that need to be followed, to rule out any possibility of losing your money. To simplify that, we have collected some of the core rules that need to be followed to determine whether an academic writer is fit for the job.

Proper instructions

Arguably the most important criteria, the best way to make sure that you will be receiving a quality document is to communicate your guidelines as accurately as possible. A big reason behind unsatisfied customers is not that the service didn’t live up to their expectations, but that their instructions weren’t clear enough for the service to understand. Just as a fast food joint is going to put their standard set of toppings on your pizza unless you tell them not to, academic writers tend to work the same way. Your expectations are a mental concept that needs to be demonstrated to enable others to visualize it.

From this, you can infer the validity of a writing service by judging their ability to follow the guidelines you sent them. These can be assessed by asking the writers to update you on the work processes, and sending you clippings of the work for reference. This way, you will be able to visualize how exactly your work is progressing and be able to make sure that your guidelines are being followed. Where there is a contradiction in your guidelines and the writer’s work processes, you can resolve the clash through communication.

Work samples

Even though people are following your instructions well enough, that doesn’t mean that their skills match that. It is difficult to judge skill based on words, and that needs to be proven using samples of their previous work. Professionals in the trade might be reluctant to hand out their samples to anyone, but as a paying client, there is nothing fallacious with asking them to. In this case, you need to make sure that you aren’t giving your money and work to someone who cannot work. Being a student, there is a good chance that finances will be in limited supply, and that means you should be more careful with your purchases and payments.

The best-case scenario is that the academic writing website in question would have their samples uploaded online for viewing. However, the vast majority of services tend to avoid that and instead provide samples upon request. Depending on the subject and field of your work, you can ask writers for some relevant or related articles and see if they’re to your taste. Not only is the way of writing important here, but also the kind of information that can be found.

Accurate information

The essence of all forms of academic writing is the information the paper contains. The facts and figures presented in articles need to be verifiable and be according to your requirements. The key here is to receive a paper that is exactly as per your specifications and preference. As mentioned, there needs to be a channel where the writers can communicate with you and inform you about the paper in question. From here, it would be extremely easy for you to recommend them sources, and provide some yourself to receive a satisfactory paper.

For instance, if you’ve read a paper written by a friend or family member, and liked the way it was done, you can provide a copy of the document to your writers and inspire them. Alternatively, you can send them links to the information you want in the paper, or scans of passages you read in certain books. The key here is to judge how receptive a writer is to your input, and how accepting they are to change their writing style.

Your needs

Before you set out to find professional Dissertation Help, you need to have an idea about what you’re looking for. You might think that it would be a lot more sense to talk to a writer and see what they can give you, but that’s plain wrong. There is no use in going to a writer that doesn’t specialize in your form of writing, as there is no saying how the quality will turn out. Your money is hard-earned, and that means it must be spent wisely. Beating around the bush wouldn’t help, and you need to be direct with your requirements.

That can be accomplished by asking your service to peak with your writer directly. It would be a short interview, where you will be able to see if they are the right fit for the job. Remember, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, there are other services that can be reached as well.

Clear communications

Since the writer is going to be doing your work, there needs to be a clear channel of communication between them and you. Staying updated about the status of your paper is important, and that can be done by arranging for a suitable time where you can reach them. There is nothing intrusive about this, as you’re the work being done is ultimately yours. Keeping tabs on the work process is also needed to correct the writers if they falter somewhere down the line.

Any disinterest of a communication channel or the lack thereof needs to be taken seriously. If a service was truly legit, they would never object to being spoken to. There is a chance that they’re trying to scam you or deliver a lower quality paper than promised.

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