10 Best Education Blogs For Students To Follow

Every student out there needs assistance, and that’s the major reason they are students. If they would everything how are we supposed to call them learners? Sometimes they need help for writing a dissertation, and sometimes they need academic proofreading. There are several blogs which pupil can follow for better grades and all the educational help.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog

The author of this blog is a teacher and a non-profit initiator. The blog has been teaching a student with the latest technologies with the belief that teaching is a noble profession. It not only focuses on producing ideas and content for the students; and also inspires the teachers to push themselves a little more.

This already has good followership with so many students and teachers being the regular audience. The blog is equally popular and beneficial for both parties. It covers topics that are relevant and can be really helpful for the students to cope with educational pressure.

Learning Is Messy

This blog belongs to Brian Crosby, who has an experience of over 30 years in teaching upper elementary. His expertise lies in engaging ‘At Risk’ students through different activities and teaches them with the problem-based approach. He is not satisfied by providing minds-on and hands-on experiences only.

He believes that these experiences are crucial, but they must be backed by the time provided to the students to go deep. They should be encouraged to leverage their learning by all the aspects of the curriculum. This thought is clear in the topics he chooses for his blogs. He also forces teachers to understand learning is not linear through his blog.

UK Council For International Student Affairs

Though not a website dedicated to blogging only but it has amazing people onboard. Their blogs are on point and guide all the international and local students alike. They have shared everything related to education from tips to prepare for exams to how to cope in a new setting. If you are a pupil somewhere in the UK, you have to follow this blog.

The blog aims to provide advice on all the matters concerning education to the pupil. This is more like an active community and followers feel like a part of something bigger than themselves which uplift the spirits and they may even receive assistance from admission to dissertation engineering writing help here.

The Learning Network

This blog allows students to understand the different teaching methods better and use it for their advantage. This blog teaches students to be more productive. It has an entire section where students can comment. This blog caters to both students and teachers.

The Learning Network provides resources and knowledge that can assist students in controlling and using technology and other formats for their benefit. Though teaching methods and techniques covered the largest chunk of this blog, it is never overwhelming, and credit goes to the Editor.

Cal Newport

The owner of the blog is computer science professor at the Georgetown University and author of six books. Even after all this success, he hasn’t forgotten the problems he faced in his student life. That is the reason he wants to help every student out there. He helps students from how to master the skill of studying how to cope with student life stress and everything in between.

The Thesis Whisperer

It is a blog in a newspaper style. It is strictly dedicated to dissertation writing. Students who are looking for academic proofreading should follow this blog for the ideas and a proper plan. This blog not only focuses on assisting with the reports but it also guide pupil with the career choices to some extent.

From dissertation viva to all the complex topics like dissertation engineering writing help can be attained here.

Teen College Education

This blog has both teachers and students as writers. It covers everything from college admissions to high school tips. It even has tips to score high and maintaining a student budget. The blog also aims to guide students about the choices they may have to make after graduation. This is one of the rare blogs which is giving both perspectives at one place; teachers’ and students’.


The purpose of this blog is guiding students with planning and help in the study. It engages and improves learning for students through its content. It provides an opportunity for the students to collaborate with the curriculum experts, researchers, and teachers to enhance their project-based learning.

The blog is relevant to the modern world and its problems that pupils face. It tries to provide as much answers as possible to the intrigues students.

Imperial College London (Student Blogs)

If any student wants to have on point tips and tricks about college life and finances, then this is the right blog for them. It literally shares tips to make study habits better than the rest and obtain good grades. The bloggers here believes the internet must have as much human contribution as possible and they actively tries to propagate this through this blog section of the college’s website.

43 Folders

This is for all the students who don’t think mere reading blogs can help them. Once these students start following 43 Folders, it’ll be no secret that they are hooked to it. This contains informative content which is relevant for students despite the field they are studying in.

Wrap Up

These are ten blogs that every student should follow and read religiously if they want to progress. The world has been changed drastically, and only books are not enough now. This doesn’t mean books are outdated on the contrary it means books now require other mediums too. Every student must remember how well read a student is determines not only grades but almost every success.

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